Tuesday, October 2, 2012


During the last week of October, Kristi Hibbert, Instructional Facilitator for Technology in Sublette County School District will be busy promoting Assistive Technology as she presents an In-Service to her colleagues.  At a school Open House, the community will have an opportunity to learn about AT.  Kristi will have a booth where she will discuss and demonstrate several AT devices, display boards and other materials that WATR will lend her.  Kristi is eager to share her knowledge and passion about AT and informed others of the benefits of Assistive Technology devices for students receiving special services in Sublette County School District.


  1. Good job Kristi. These overview sessions can be overwhelming. The hardest part is deciding what to present and share. We do a few of these AT overview presentations per year, and I always struggle with what to present. I would be curious to hear how it goes, and what you decided to bring to the group. I am doing a similar overview for a Bemidji State class in October, but I am given a window of 30 minutes, so it will probably be a Prezi presentation or something similar.

    Keep up the great work.

  2. Go Kristi! I, too would be interested in how you approach this overview. My choice is usually to show stuff that meets the needs of the students served by the audience. So technology for writing if it's general ed or resource teachers and augmentative communication if it's students in self contained classes. Wonder what other folks in Wyoming do when they offer overview sessions. If you have any strategies, please let us know. Seems like such a great opportunity. I am always looking for new ways to catch people's attention.